Stake Pool

"Our focus is to sharpen each other as iron sharpens iron." Our main objective is to perform with resilience, dedication and integrity. Guaranteeing a 1% fee forever.  

Hardware and Network

-- 2x Relays ,2x Core

-- UBUNTU 20

-- AMD EPYC 2nd Gen and Intel® Xeon® Gold Processors

-- 2x 8G RAM , 2x 15G RAM

-- 240G Disk Space

-- 20TB Traffic





Forever !

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The Cardano Ecosystem Partnership..

Cardano Foundation

Cardano is a blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibility for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change.

Input Ouput Global

IOG is a technology company committed to using peer-to-peer innovations to provide financial services to the three billion people who don't have them.


EMURGO is a multinational blockchain technology company providing solutions for developers, startups, enterprises, and governments

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Established-August 2020

Margin Fee- 1% Forever

Historical Event-1st Minted Block 

September 27th 2020 6:58 AM 

Epoch Fee- 340 ADA

*Pledge- 25K ADA

*Will grow with Ecosystem